Custom Resource Pack and Optifine

The play-minecraft.use Minecraft server uses a custom resource pack along with Optifine to enhance the game experience by adding hundreds of new Mob skins, glowing animals and ore, furniture and much more. Although Neither the resource pack or optifine are required we highly suggest downloading and installing, It’s easy to do and you’ll really appreciate a whole new in game experience.

Lets get started installing the resource pack and optifine.

This is very Easy to do!

Step 1: Download the Installer file here [DOWNLOAD]

Step 2: Run the installer after downloading. After setup has completed you will have a New folder on your Desktop named MultiMC. Go into the folder named MultiMC and look for the MultiMc program which has an Icon like this.


Launch MultiMC then add your Minecraft account to a new profile

That’s it. Now double click the 1.15.2_Optifine Icon in MultiMc to launch Minecraft.

Watch the How To Install Video, It’s EASY

Our server is already configured, all you need to do is launch the multiplayer game then join the game.


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